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Tango Dancer here!

I am starting this LJ account because of the great "FF.net Purge": though my stories have yet to be touched, I fear for them and want to post them somewhere else so that others who left the site -they appear to be quite numerous- will have the opportunity to read them on another platform, considering the moderators horrible attitude these days. What can I say, their way of just deleting stories instead of creating a new rating (come on, they're so going to lose over half their users if they go on like that!) rubbed me the wrong way, it's just... plain mean.

Anyway, I don't really know much about this system, so I guess it'll go by trial and error. I have to warn everyone, though, that I am French and English is not my native language. I will consequently be posting both English and French stories, starting with the ones already on fanfiction.net, and then, we'll see how the situation over there evolves.

So, what else can I say? Welcome to my LJ!


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Rating: T
Type: Crossover
Fandoms: Harry Potter/D. Gray-Man
Pairing: Yullen (Kanda/Allen)
Summary: There has been an empty seat at the Head Table for ten years. Rumors run around about Professor Neah Walker, the only one Professor Mugen could actually talk civilly with. One day, he returns. And with him, the endless circle of war starts spinning again. The Golden Trio and three transfers from the Rose Cross Academy investigate... And discover the unbelievable truth.
Warnings: Takes place in the 2000s, Harry and the gang are in their sixth year, so I altered both timelines a bit. 200 years after DGM canon. Slash.

Betrayed Heroes )


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